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Alpha Phi Omega is a national, service Fraternity and is based on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, Service.
Chi Pi is a chapter located at SUNY Fredonia.

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After a large struggle through last Fall, it has been a transition to come back to school this spring. With school throwing everything they have to prevent my education, to some friends not truly excepting me back. Even the transition of working full time to classes has been hard. I want to dedicate this to brothers who may go through a similar transition.

So first thing is first, do anything SA may ask you to do. Better to be on their good side then fight them. Also, whether or not they recommend it, I suggest going to the counseling center. They have been extremely beneficial with helping me through this semester. Manage your time wisely in order to get the grades you deserve and the social life to get reconnected with your friends.

Most important thing for me though has been doing community service. Getting involved in various events and projects helped me feel better about myself. Whenever I felt "below" everyone else, doing service helped me feel important in helping the lives of others. Giving me purpose. So what better to do service then connecting with your fellow brother?! Maybe you don't need to be active, but staying in contact can help you with finding those events.

Good luck to those who are going to go through this transition. I've been told it gets better, but it only will if you put in the work, and over time.

Outreach Committee

As of 3/2/2014, the positions of Web Chair, Public Relations Chair, and The Chi Pi Courier Editor have been assimilated into the new Outreach Committee.

This new Committee will be dedicated the cause of improving communication between current and former Chi Pi members, the other campus organizations, and the western NY community at large. While only consisting of a few brothers that are enthusiastic about various communication mediums, the Outreach Committee will require the help of everyone involved with Chi Pi for both digital content and general information about the chapter and its alumni’s current undertakings. The Outreach Committee wants to further explore the narrative of our chapter, and how it plays a role within our community. Overall, expect some great things to come!

Also, as of the establishment of this committee, all future Chi Pi Courier activity will be 100 percent digitized, and kept native to this website, for a more timely and convenient point of access, as well as more regular updates.

Yours in Life and Service,
Mark Bruno
Public Relations Chair

Fall 2012 Beta Beta Pledge Class

Congratulations to our new Beta Alpha Pledge Class from Fall 2012!

Fall 2012 Pledge Class

Spring 2011 Banquet!

Another fun spring banquet comes by! Thanks for attending!

Spring 2011 Banquet

Spring 2011 Beta Alpha Pledge Class

Congratulations to our new Beta Alpha Pledge Class from Spring 2011!

Spring 2011 Pledge Class

Fall 2011 Banquet!

Another fun winter banquet with all of our brothers!

Fall 2011 Banquet

Fall 2011 Alpha Omega Pledge Class

Congratulations to our new pledge class in Fall 2011!

Fall 2011 Pledge Class

Victoria R.
Mike G.

Spring 2011 Alpha Psi Pledge Class

Chi Pi welcomed 12 new members on the weekend of February 12th & 13th!

Danielle Beckvermit
Kelly Dolan
Leanne Heffernan
Sarah Kettles
Max Klein
Chris Maier
Alexia Padron-Tineo
Spencer Plummer
Kim Reynolds
Leandra Spencer
Sara Weiss
Heather Zuch

Fall 2010

09/20/2010 - 12/11/2010

APO Chi Pi Fall 2010